A 2014 tablet strategy for CIOs

“BYOD is gaining acceptance, and CIOs are being asked to support more employee devices. Smartphones are often the first personal mobile device that enters the enterprise, but with tablet popularity increasing — the iPad Air, Android tablets, and even the Kindle HDX — more of these devices are getting into consumer hands. More importantly, users who received tablets as gifts over the holidays will want to get their shiny new devices on the organization’s network.  BYOD as part of your 2014 tablet strategy should focus on improving device security and endpoint access via a BYOD cost/benefit analysis.”

There’s no longer any reason for larger companies to continue duplicating and distributing paper documents internally.  Most already dissiminate external reports and information via email attachments and pdf files.

And smaller companies will benefit from using their next hardware refresh to add tablets to their inventory.

And now the Microsoft strategy begins to make much more sense.  And they have the sustainability to await the windows tablet wave that will take over.

via A 2014 tablet strategy for CIOs – TechRepublic.

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