Attacks Rise On Network ‘Blind’ Spot – DNS

“The most high-profile attacks on Domain Name Service (DNS) servers are distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, but there are even more nefarious attacks on these systems underway today as cyber criminals and APT actors abuse commonly vulnerable DNS servers.

“DNS has been around forever. But there’s an overwhelming lack of expertise” in it, says Patrick Foxhoven, vice president and CTO of emerging technologies at Zscaler. “It’s been thought of as a dumb, foundational-level protocol. I believe it’s a blind area of many networks that’s often never looked at from a security point of view.” ”

Attacks Rise On Network ‘Blind’ Spot.

Its probably about time that we looked into the historical roots of network technology with an eye to the stuff we take for granted, like Internic, DNS, and even Domain name registration.

But I’m only one network guy with a limited point of view, right?

Thanks to Information Week – Dark Reading