Digital Disruption: The New Workforce and Demanding Customers

“The forces of digital disruption and the shifting work styles of young employees are pressuring organizations to become increasingly responsive to both customers’ and employees’ needs. With all the talk about “outside in” and “customer centricity,” it’s imperative not to downplay the engagement and empowerment of  employees.

Successful organizations will be the ones that are astute at both—the “Seriously Smart Organizations”—that cultivate and equip the next-generation workforce in new ways to become more responsive to customer expectations and attain (or sustain or regain) competitive advantage.

“Digital disruption” is hitting established organizations hard on three fronts. I already mentioned the customers and employees, but you can add competitors to that list. Whether it’s a digital-only start-up taking a bite out of your market or an innovative incumbent, every organization needs to take a really hard look at being more mobile, more social, more connected, and more automated straight across the enterprise. Ready or not, somebody in your organization needs to be planning your digital transformation.”

Source: Digital Disruption: The New Workforce and Demanding Customers |


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