Cloud Services


Cloud Computing resources provide the “virtual” infrastructure to enhance or replace physical space, heating and cooling, and power requirements for traditional office data center installations.  Now you can outsource your servers, networking and security hardware, cooling and power systems to a secure regional co-location center that is more cost-effective than an office-based data center or server room.  Today’s technologies provide better connectivity, physical and data security, fault-tolerance and disaster recovery than most SMB companies can provide in their own facilities.

Cloud Computing is an outsourced IT services model that combines a low-cost, remotely located, hosted computing infrastructure with 24×7 monitoring.  Emerging growth companies conserve precious capital by committing to a monthly (or annual) subscription fee for services structure rather than investing in local systems hardware, software, security, and support.

The local requirement is networked workstations, laptops, and/or smartphones, broadband connectivity, perimeter security, and internet content and spam filtering.  Business software can be deployed on the networked workstations of smaller companies or else set-up as a SAAS (Software as a Service) in the “cloud” when economies of scale dictate.

Cloud Computing Components

  • Set-up of your location’s “lite” infrastructure including LAN, security, and connectivity
  • Connectivity provider selection consultation
  • Data access and availability in the event of a business interruption or event
  • Hosting provider selection consultation
  • Hosted MS Exchange or Google Apps
  • Umbrella coverage

Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Utility computing model lowers both capital and recurring costs dramatically
  • YOU have the option to select vendors and manage contracts if you wish
  • Team approach that combines local and distant resources proactively
  • You focus on your core competencies and leave IT to IT Professionals
  • Predictable costs and predictable operations
  • Flexible/transportable services that can be deployed, moved, or discontinued anywhere with a minimum  of lead-time and overhead