Link Building Still Drives Web Success

In case you are trying to demystify the Google algorithm, here’s a huge clue.  linking.  Those who work in the field have always known it, but the automation – or simplification – of building links has not provided results that work.  The following survey explains the importance of the human element and content that matters.

“Link building a few years ago was rife with spammy, low quality, robot-centric activities. Building meaningless links from websites without any human traffic translated to value within search.

That was never Google’s intent, but they didn’t have the algorithmic sophistication to put an end to such practices.

Google’s Penguin algorithm killed the low quality link building arms race. No longer is building mass quantities of low quality links worth pursuing, especially for brands and companies making a long-term investment into online visibility.

Instead, link building is headed into the realm of legitimacy. Into an era of real humans, real editorial votes, hard work, creativity, and sweat.

Now, the only way to build the links that matter is through human connections, a value-added mindset, and an ability to speak convincingly of your own value. In short, the only links worth pursuing are from real websites curated by real people, earned through sweat and creativity.”

Link Building Survey 2014: Thoughts & Analysis – SEW.

Thanks to Search Engine Watch

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