Marlboro maker Altria boosts e-cigarette brand

This may seem to be a stretch, but the nature of Internet marketing can, occasionally, cause confusion.

Hang with me here!

Marlboro maker Altria boosts e-cigarette brand.

The Cloud is Huge was created to illuminate the virtues (and vices) of “the Cloud”, that ubiquitous morphing collection of water vapor wafting and drifting so beautifully above us.

Well, we now have eCigs and a massive puff of propylene glycol that gets emitted when eCig “smokers” exhale.  And that is, truly, The Cloud is Huge.

Confusion?  Of course.  But not to worry we’ll follow both, not as an endorsement of either, but just for the sake of the humor of it.

And just in case you “Vape”, here’s another site to follow.

Closet to Cloud

Thanks to USA Today