Packet Loss? What Packet Loss? – Post

“When a systems engineers dismissed packet loss as a reason for poor voice quality, I had to get to the root cause to prove him wrong.”

As connectivity and services continue to become utility “commodities”, the possibilities of faults and errors increases tremendously.  The use of a local, experienced consultant will improve your chances of getting the service you think that you purchased, especially when moving to the cloud or utilizing a hybrid network.

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HP’s Meg Whitman on Starting a New Job

Meg Whitman’s comments as CEO of the newly branded HP Enterprise:

  • Put partnership first. Believe in the power of collaboration, and take time to build strong relationships with your customers, partners and employees. If your partners are successful, you’re successful. Our transparency and proactive communication over the past year has united our employees, built trust among our customers and partners, and helped all of our stakeholders understand the benefits of the separation.
  • Have a bias for action. Take advantage of every new opportunity. If there are issues, “run to the fire” to resolve them. Be fast, nimble and responsive to customers, to partners, to employees, to the market and to your shareholders. Never sit still. Empower individuals to make decisions and hold them accountable.
  • Keep innovation at your core. Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit across your entire organization – I assure you, this is possible even if your company is 75 years old. It’s now more critical than ever to invest in new thinking and technologies. At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we are investing more than ever to be at the forefront of new markets.

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Analytics from SAP – Internet of Things Fuelled Predictive Scenarios

IoT – the disruptive technology of 2015 continues to attract attention from innovators.  The current issue is how will it be used for the good as well as how can we protect the devices and data from misuse.

Our walls get grafittied, our phones tapped, our computers hacked, and our identities stolen.  Who’s to say that Iot won’t pose similar challenges?

Source: Analytics from SAP – Internet of Things Fuelled Predictive Scenarios

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Digital Disruption: The New Workforce and Demanding Customers

“The forces of digital disruption and the shifting work styles of young employees are pressuring organizations to become increasingly responsive to both customers’ and employees’ needs. With all the talk about “outside in” and “customer centricity,” it’s imperative not to downplay the engagement and empowerment of  employees.

Successful organizations will be the ones that are astute at both—the “Seriously Smart Organizations”—that cultivate and equip the next-generation workforce in new ways to become more responsive to customer expectations and attain (or sustain or regain) competitive advantage.

“Digital disruption” is hitting established organizations hard on three fronts. I already mentioned the customers and employees, but you can add competitors to that list. Whether it’s a digital-only start-up taking a bite out of your market or an innovative incumbent, every organization needs to take a really hard look at being more mobile, more social, more connected, and more automated straight across the enterprise. Ready or not, somebody in your organization needs to be planning your digital transformation.”

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IIS 6.0 users are heading towards new security dangers

In the “things you wouldn’t want to happen” category, Microsoft’s upcoming EOL (end of life) for Windows Server 2003 includes IIS 6.0 – the web services portions of the O/S.  That puts hundreds of existing systems at some risk and had IT shops scrambling to help customers with server upgrades, cloud migrations, and some conversions to Linux as well.

Source: IIS 6.0 users are heading towards new security dangers

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