Thanks for waking us up, Martin!  Being ahead of the curve is always a good idea for companies who make their livings developing and marketing technologies that are barely understood at the outset.

I am reminded of those movies we saw in elementary school that depicted Columbus’ struggle with the Queen and court over arguments that the world was flat and that his ships would sail off the edge if his voyages were funded by the crown.

Sounds a lot like SDN and the faith it takes to accept the vision of its architects and technologists.  But if we trace most technology history for the past 250 years, we find the same conversation.  Only today, there are far more participants because technology itself has provided the means for more to engage and be involved.

The horse is out of the barn – to use another historical reference.

Now what, folks?

SDN Thinking Lags Behind Technology, VMware’s Casado Says –

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