Packet Loss? What Packet Loss? – Post

“When a systems engineers dismissed packet loss as a reason for poor voice quality, I had to get to the root cause to prove him wrong.”

As connectivity and services continue to become utility “commodities”, the possibilities of faults and errors increases tremendously.  The use of a local, experienced consultant will improve your chances of getting the service you think that you purchased, especially when moving to the cloud or utilizing a hybrid network.

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IaaS: Delivering Enterprise-Level Support To Manufacturers

The move from closet to cloud continues as MRP (Material requirements Planning) and ERP (Enterprise Requirements Planning) systems move to subscription-based services that live in the cloud.  Even if you are using a legacy system on older hardware (even some green screens I am told), your company might benefit from exploring a move to incrementally priced cloud services that eliminate the high local costs for power, cooling, maintenance, and support.

IaaS: Delivering Enterprise-Level Support To Manufacturers.

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How Well Do You Know Hybrid Cloud – Quiz?

The public/private cloud converstaions continues as smaller and smaller businesses consider the advantages of hybrid cloud deployments.  The financial advantages have led support thus far, but there are other considerations that are now being considered as well.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Cloud? | InterConnections – The Equinix Blog.

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