Google Humanizes Technology In The Workplace

“Believing it’s easier to communicate with people electronically, for example, we’ve stopped calling each other. According to MIT technology professor Sherry Turkle, we don’t even e-mail people anymore–“our communication of choice is texting.” ”

The missing piece of this is that with more information, accelerated response requirements and only one me or one them, connecting by phone is less likely to happen in real time.  As well, I don’t sit at a desk or in a chair by a traditional telephone handset any more.  I am restrained by law from answering the phone in my car without hands-free capability.

Voice mail takes twice the effort for me, at least.  Email is so cluttered that I’ve even quit filtering it because the target folders get so full that my ISP has turned it off.

The key ingredient is time and that is a fixed commodity not a flexible one.

via How Google Humanizes Technology In The Workplace And You Can, Too | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

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