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Our April 2017 round-up of business-impacting events added Insider and Privilege Misuse to the top five incidents affecting leading technology leaders:

  1. Malware/Virus (35% down from 42%, up from #2)
  2. Phishing/Spear Phishing (33% down from 45%, down to #2)
  3. None (28% down from 33%, Still #3)
  4. Ransomware (21% up from 19%, Still #4)
  5. Insider and Privilege Misuse (18% from 9%, up from #8)


The top ten this month in The Technology Management Radar includes:

  1. Software-as-a-Service
  2. Cloud
  3. Software-Defined X (Network, Data Center, Storage, etc.)
  4. Internet-of-Things
  5. Machine Learning (up from #6)
  6. Desktop-as-a-Service (down from #5)
  7. Robotic Process Automation (up from #9)
  8. Cognitive Computing (down from #7)
  9. Device Mesh (up from #10)
  10. Virtual/Augmented Reality  (up from #11)

Source: Technology Pulse Report – April 2017 — Fortium Partners

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Internet of Things doesn’t have to mean enterprise security nightmares

“When it comes to the Internet of Things, enterprises are leaving themselves wide open to security problems. Connected products, services and sensors have a lot of potential, but there is risk. ”

Internet of Things doesn’t have to mean enterprise security nightmares | ZDNet.

We once realized that when we emptied the trash at work, there could be a security risk of sensitive company information leaving the building and, potentially, getting into the hands of the wrong person or competitor.

Now we have to use the same mindset when it comes to “connected intelligent devices”.  Anything that stores, retrieves, or supplies data is a potential security risk and target for compromise.

The automation and efficiency benefits we get from IoT requires additional security for us, other supply chain partners, and customers themselves.

We have begun a Brave New World at a time when most people are deaf, dumb, and blind to it.

Thanks to  | ZDNet